Frequently Asked Questions

"Skookum" comes from the Chinook language and has a broad range of meanings. Accented on the first syllable, it can be anything from a replacement for kloshe, meaning "good," to "strong," "powerful," "ultimate" and "first rate." Something can be skookum meaning "cool" or skookum can be "tough." A skookum burger is a big hamburger, but when your Mom’s food is skookum, it’s delicious. If you have a skookum tumtum, you’re brave. Skookumchuck is a river rapid or strong current. If you skookum wawa you’re begging, pleading or you’ve constructed your arguments well. The Democratic Club of Seattle was once called the Skookum Club. When you’re skookum, you’ve got a purpose and you’re on solid ground. Skookum is the opposite of cultus. Skookum is power and strength.