Frequently Asked Questions

Attend a Skookum Tools franchise opportunity presentation by submitting the information on the "Request Form" Upon receipt of this information our Development Representative will contact you to discuss this exciting opportunity.

The Skookum Tools development plan has been established with a view to sustainable success. Your area may be next on our strategic plan – lets talk!

Skookum Tools philosophy is to make every representative as successful as possible. Each representative is granted a large defined territory sufficient to permit ample opportunity to grow the business while providing a high standard of personalized service to area customers.

Skookum Tools has established a corporate brand which extends to each representative. Promotional templates for flyers, letterhead, email stationery and business cards are provided.

Prior to opening a territory, a Skookum Tools representative is immersed in a comprehensive 10 day ‘training camp’, including several days of theory plus hands-on experience in the field. Ongoing support and periodic training sessions on specific product groups are also offered.

Common sense, commitment, the ability to communicate with customers, a friendly helpful attitude and a strong work ethic. Previous experience in outside sales, and/or in any ‘trade’ would be helpful.

Skookum Tools…’the tool store at your door’ has developed a unique format, system and marketing plan for the distribution of abrasives, cutting tools, safety supplies, shop supplies and related consumable products to industrial users.

"Skookum" comes from the Chinook language and has a broad range of meanings. Accented on the first syllable, it can be anything from a replacement for kloshe, meaning "good," to "strong," "powerful," "ultimate" and "first rate." Something can be skookum meaning "cool" or skookum can be "tough." A skookum burger is a big hamburger, but when your Mom’s food is skookum, it’s delicious. If you have a skookum tumtum, you’re brave. Skookumchuck is a river rapid or strong current. If you skookum wawa you’re begging, pleading or you’ve constructed your arguments well. The Democratic Club of Seattle was once called the Skookum Club. When you’re skookum, you’ve got a purpose and you’re on solid ground. Skookum is the opposite of cultus. Skookum is power and strength.